Sunday, October 20, 2013

Toddler Eats! (Part 3)

Tonight I'm sharing the third part in my Toddler Eats series, my quest to broadening my daughter taste buds ;)

1- 5 lil smokies (these were the turkey kind and she loved them!) w/ a side of white corn and sweet potato.

2 - 2 slices of deli turkey meat, 1/4 of a banana with a smear of peanut butter, grapefruit segments, and a string cheese cut up. (She loved the cheese cut up for some reason she won't eat it whole, she loved the banana with pb, she loves turkey deli meat, but the grapefruit she wasn't found of!)

3 - Grilled cheese cut into squares, 2 tomatoes halved, blackberry and strawberries. (The tomatoes were a new try she wasn't to fond of them but she did keep trying them so that's a start!)

4 - Spaghetti w/a little butter, peas and chicken. (She loves pasta!)

5 - Hard boiled egg, pineapple spear and 2 sausage links. (Pineapple was a new try she was okay with it, she is still loving hard boiled eggs, and she is obsessed with sausage!)

6 - Baby bell cheese cut up and blackberries (this was a cute little snack, she was asking for "back berries" one day lol!)

7 - Turkey meatballs (cut up), colby jack cheese (diced), and stir fried veggies. (She loved the meatballs , and I'm convinced she'll eat almost any cheese! She also really loved the carrots the other veggies she didn't pay to much attention too.)

8 - Pumpkin spice toast (cut up), banana slices, sausage link (cut up). (Trying to get her to eat toast is a hassle but she seemed to like this one, I'm thinking because it was pumpkin flavored ;) )

(Excuse the bad photographs for #s 7+8!) 

This past month I have been slacking on trying to get Jade to try new things, with our son being born things have been quite hectic and I hate to say it but I've been relying on things I know she likes. I'm hoping now that we're in a good groove with the baby and being a family of 4 that I can get back into actively trying to get her to try new things. I am definitely learning from my mistakes on this one and mister Cash will be trying new foods on a regular basis once he gets into eating solids. I raised a picky eater once, I'm hoping to change that with baby #2 :) As always if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know! Thanks for reading!

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