Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy October! Quick and Easy festive toddler halloween snack!

I am so so so happy it is finally October!! It is my favorite time of year! Now that Jade is old enough I am having so much fun with all the festive things that come along with the holidays. Themed snacks and lunches, holiday books, fun festive outfits and of course decorating! We have been busy decorating and enjoying the weather the past 2 days. It has actually been really nice here in Florida, finally a little less humid but we'll see how long it lasts! My husband loves decorating for the holidays, he get's it from his Dad who goes all out for the Holidays (Christmas Vacation style!) so we've been pulling all the decorations out of the attic and planning some new decoration additions :) The house has been a complete train wreck, it looked like a Halloween explosion in here but it's finally all coming together. Here are a few photos from our first 2 days of October.

                                                            Talking to Mickey <3

"Punkins!" She says <3

Festive jammies for my little ones <3

And now for a festive little snack I made for Jade while we were taking a break from decorating. Some fruit in  the shape of candy corn with a side of whip cream and sprinkles. I used fresh pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges and banana slices. Super cute and easy! 

I hope everyones October is off to a great start!! I'm definitely looking forward to this month and all the fun things to come! :)

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