Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toddler Eats! (Part 2)

This week I was really trying to focus on incorporating things into Jades meals that she usually will not touch. Eggs for instance, she hates them and will not touch them. Infact she screams when they're on her plate! This week though we had a breakthrough! I got her to eat eggs on three separate occasions!  I've been reading that around the age from 18-24 months kids' tastes buds start changing so incorporating new foods is important and that's exactly what I'm trying to do :)

Here's a rundown from throughout the week of some of her meals :

#1 - Banana and peanut butter quesadilla w/ half of a hard boiled egg and strawberries/kiwi on the side

#2 - Bean, cheese and ground turkey quesadilla with a small sliced apple on the side. 

#3 - Egg and cheese omelet w/ cantaloupe and sausage on the side.

#4 - Cinnamon roll waffle topped with glaze. Sausage, strawberries, and grapes on the side.

#5 - Egg w/ toast and sausage on the side.

#6 - Nachos w/ cheese sauce, shredded cheese, ground turkey, sour cream, guacamole, and refried beans.

#7 - 2 slices of ham with half of a wedge of laughing cow swiss cheese spread onto it then cut into little rolls, cheese cubes and a Buddy Fruit squeeze pack.

#8 - Turkey roast, mashed potato w/ gravy & broccoli and cheese sauce on the side.

This week was a really good week with her trying new things. I am actually really surprised at how good she did. As I said before this was the first time I have ever gotten her to try eggs let alone like them so that was a big accomplishment! Also ground turkey and mashed potatoes are a new thing that she actually devoured so I'm proud of my little munchkin! We are on our way to a non picky eater!

I hope this helps anyone looking to find some new things to try with their toddlers, and if you have any suggestions let me know. I'll be doing weekly posts on this as we try to broaden her taste buds! :)

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  1. How am I just now finding your blog?! I love how you incorporated all this yummy stuff in to your toddler menu! Good for you!


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