Monday, June 30, 2014

Looking back at June!

This month seemed to fly by! Our family has gone through a lot of changes this past month. Aaron started a new job after spending half his life literally at his previous job (he had been working there since he was 14, now he's 28). He's also gotten sick twice this month which is really unusual since he NEVER gets sick but you know going through this big change there were bound to be bumps in the road. He had cellulitis which was horrible, I thought more than once that his leg was literally going to fall off because it was so bad. The second time he got sick was right after he was finally starting to get over the cellulitis which took almost a month, but this was more like being over exhausted working almost 100 hours per week. I think his body just wanted to shut down. Thankfully he is now feeling better and I'm hoping July is a good month for us! We didn't do anything especially exciting during June with everything that has been going on so I think Fathers Day was the highlight of the month for us. I am so thankful to have an awesome husband and he's such a great Dad, I'm glad he got to have a great day that was centered all around him! This month was also a big growing/learning month for both the kids. I can't believe how fast they're growing! Jade is now 95% potty trained, still working on over nights but other than that we're good to go! She has also been picking up on every little thing we say which is good and bad lol! As for Cash he is so mobile now it's insane! He is completely opposite from Jade as a baby, she was super chill and calm and he is definitely not! I am pretty sure he will  be walking before his 1st Birthday! Well I am looking forward to July and I can't wait to take the kids for all the 4th of July festivities this weekend!

*Now here's an iPhone dump of some of the photos from June!*

Backyard bubbles and a picnic. They love watermelon <3
 Being mischievous ;)
 Morning smiles <3
 Cashs first time in the big pool!
 She loves to paint :)
 Pool fun :P
 Baby model? <3
 Loves her bubbles <3
 Chalkin' up the sidewalk <3
 He loves the grass! My little adventurer 
 Spending time with Daddy!
Loving his watermelon <3
 Bathtime twins

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