Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Is it really June?

Wow! How is it already June? This year is flying by so fast. We had a a whirlwind past 2 months. Some good, some bad but we made it and are ready to make the most of the rest of the year. One really awesome thing that happened last month is our baby girl is finally potty trained! She's been doing so goo, pretty much no accidents and she's only wearing pull ups to bed at night and if we're in the car for awhile. Even when we go out to stores she'll tell me she needs to go even if she does have a pull up! Success! She's almost 2 1/2 now so I'm so thrilled we're at this stage now. Our babies are growing up so fast!

We made the most out of the 1st of June, it was a Sunday and Aaron was off work so we headed to the park before the afternoon thunder storms. We love going to the park and we often go to the same park, it has a pier, tower (Jade calls it a castle), lots of trails, a train track and of course playgrounds :) Jade loves going here because we always bring bread to feed the fish off the pier, there was an exception this trip though. We seen an alligator! It was crazy, it came right up to the pier and was eating the bread she was throwing for the fish. Jade thought it was the greatest thing ever, she was talking to it and kept saying "alligator, alligator!" It amazes me how well she talks now ;) Anyways we spent a good half hour watch the alligator before we ventured over to climb the "castle" and explore the trails. Jade likes to bring a little pail so she can collect things (flowers, rocks, leaves, sticks, pretty much anything that catches her eye) it's so cute to watch her inspect things. To top off our trip to the park we stopped at the swing and playground. This was the first time Cash was really able to hold him self up in the swing and really enjoy it. He thought it was HIGHLARIOUS! He laughed so hard it was the cutest thing ever.

Also little side note: New favorite Starbucks drink, Trenta sweet tea with 4 pumps of Raspberry. SO good!

I'm looking forward to this month, and all the new adventures we're going through. I'm hoping to start blogging more regularly on here :) Now for some pictures!

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