Monday, June 16, 2014

Cash Alexander 9 months old!

Cash Alexander 9 months old:

Weight - 22 lbs lbs
Length - 30 inches long
Diapers - Size 5
Clothes - 12-18 months!

So our little Cashy has had quite the month! He's been sick most of the time with a sinus infection, it's finally getting better thankfully! He's also learned to stand up, which is now one of his favorite things to do on EVERYTHING! He's a little speedy Gonzalez crawler and is into everything. He's also really good at picking up food and feeding him self now, soon we will be trying to introduce utensils :) And as for "baby ninja" try putting clothes on him and he'll show you moves you've never seen before! He is not one to sit still LOL  We are only 3 short months from his 1st birthday which makes me sad but I'm so excited to see how much he changes and grows and of course his Birthday party! Planning has already begun and I've already set up Birthday photos for the beginning of September :)

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