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July 4, 2014!

We had a very eventful 4th of July over here. Lets just start by saying it rained ALOT. On July 3, we went to watch fireworks and go to the Freedom festival at one of our malls in the area and let me just say it was chaotic. It poured rain the whole way there, we almost turned around because it was so bad. When we got there we decided to eat since it was still raining (it is an outside mall) all of the restaurants lines were super long, there was no seating anywhere it was madness. Aaron ended up standing in line at Moes (one of our favorite places) for well over 30 minutes to get food while the kids and I sat at an outside table with one of their umbrellas(luckily it was only sprinkling now and no thunder or lightning!) Once we had got done eating it was around 9pm the time fireworks were supposed to start but since it had been storming really bad they were delayed until they had gotten clearance from the fire department, so we just ended up walking around for about 30 minutes to find a good spot to watch. We were really beginning to think the weren't going to do them when all of a sudden you hear the booms and the flashing lights! The kids were SO excited. i was a little nervous about Jade because it was her first time really seeing fireworks but she loved it, and Cash really surprised me he just sat in his stroller mesmerized by the fireworks he didn't even cry once! We had also taken my nephew Noah who is almost 4 and of course he loved it, all the kids had a good time and when it was over Jade said"Do it again!" She was so sad to leave. The way their faces lit up made the whole process of waiting, rain and everything else all worth it I couldn't help but have a huge smile on my face. I was so happy for them :)

Now onto July 4, Jade woke up excited to see Fireworks again it was a chore to keep her occupied until we left at 5:30pm. Once again it pored on the way to the fairgrounds and not only was it pouring but it was thundering and lightning. By the time we had gotten to the fairgrounds it was just drizzling so we walked around (the had animals,bounce houses, and a fair going as well) for awhile and then the guys took the kids to get balloon animals while me, my sister, my friend and Cash went to set up our area to watch fireworks. Well it started pouring but we stuck it out and hid under our umbrellas and it would lighten up and then start pouring again but we were determined to let the kids see fireworks again and they were having fun playing in the rain and wet grass so we stuck it out. Around 9pm (scheduled firework time) still no fireworks, at about 9:10pm it literally started down pouring. The guys took all the kids to go under the shelter and us girls stayed because I just had a feeling it wouldn't last long. I'd say about 30-40% of the people had packed up and left at that point but not us! Sure enough the rain only lasted maybe 15min and the guys and kids had came back, Aaron went to talk to some of the guys up by the stage to see about time frame for Fireworks and they told him any minute, around 9:30-9:45 all the lights went out everyone started clapping and fireworks began. The kids were so so so excited they were so anxious to see them and again all of the kids did awesome no melt downs or anything!

All in all we had a good time although it was a little stressful because of all the rain but that's Florida weather for ya! And of course the past 2 days, hardly any rain!! Well I've been crazily packing and trying to get the house in order, we're leaving for Georgia for a few days. Possibly some big life changing things going on so I'm nervous and excited to see what happens. I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July! And now for the fun part of the post, pictures!!

July 4, 2014

July 3, 2014 

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