Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cash Alexander 10 months old!

Cash Alexander 10 months old:

Weight - 22 lbs lbs
Length - 30 1/2 inches long
Diapers - Size 5
Clothes - 18 months!

So this little boy is a teething machine! He has gotten 3 more teeth since last month and he has one more on the top ready to poke through! He is still sleeping really well, 2 naps during the day between 2-3 hours each then he sleeps for 10+ hours at night time! I am so glad teething hasn't affected his sleep schedule because he is SO cranky when he is tired! He is a speed crawler, still crawling everywhere and getting into EVERYTHING. His new thing this past month is pulling his self up on any and everything including the stand up lamp which has fallen over onto him, the trash can which has also fallen over multiple times (I ended up moving it into the laundry room behind the door) He is so mischievous, and is a lot more hyper than Jade was. 

He's learned so much this past month it's insane. He is starting to catch onto things so that is really exciting. It's so fun to watch them learn new things and then be excited to do it. Everytime someone says "yaayyy!" he starts clapping uncontrollably and smiling and giggling, it is the cutest thing ever. I'm sad knowing that soon he's going to be walking and talking, becoming more independent. Soon he will not be my little baby anymore but I am so happy and feel so blessed to be able to watch him grow and learn everyday. Only 2 more months and then these updates will not be monthly anymore, I can't believe he will be 1 so soon! 

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