Friday, January 20, 2017

Jade turns 5

Jades 5th Birthday!

On January 10th Jade turned 5, my oh my where does the time go? It's crazy because I still can remember the days I was pregnant with her like it was yesterday. She is very quiet and creative. She loves to color, draw, write and she loves little toys her current favorites are chubby puppies. Her 5 year well check is next week so I'll update her stats then :)

We celebrated the night of her birthday with cupcakes but had her actual Birthday party this past weekend. It was super fun and we got to make use of our new roof on our deck. We did a rainbow theme and she was super excited because we kept it 100% a secret!

I still can't believe she is half a decade old, it's so crazy. My baby girl is growing up!

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