Thursday, February 2, 2017

Weight watchers week 1 & 2 update!

Weight watchers week 1 & 2 update:

I seriously can't believe I'm going into week 3 tracking on weight watchers! It's crazy how less stressed I've been about food. I've been feeling good and still losing weight even though I have done a complete 180 on what I was "allowing" myself to eat. I'm so happy with how things are going and my relationship with food is getting better everyday.

A big non scale victory has been being able to talk myself out of binging. Like on the verge of doing it, thinking about it for hours and then be so close to putting the food in my mouth and then throwing it out or putting it back. My mind is becoming stronger and I'm becoming more accountable to MYSELF.

I always hear people saying to just throw out the food that tempts you or just don't allow into the house. Well when you have kids it's different, I can't take away their snacks and I will not make them conform my weight loss food regime. They are only 5 and 3 and as kids they can have those type of things, they are just kids.

So back to the updates for my 2 weeks. Week 1 I lost 6.3 pounds and week 2 I lost 2.8 pounds.

My starting weight was on 1/13/17 at 255.6 and my weighin on 1/31/17 was 246.5 so I've lost a total of 9.1 pounds since starting weight watchers.

                                                               Week 1 weighin

Week 2 weighin 

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