Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quick and easy summer snack! 5 ingredients!

Quick and easy summery snack that the whole family will love including picky toddlers! My daughter absolutely loves this, she could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if I let her. It's super simple, only 5 ingredients and it's healthy for you too!

Ingredients: Serves 2

- 6 tbsp Vanilla greek yogurt (or any yogurt you prefer)

-  1/2 cup each - Grapes, strawberries and blueberries (or any combination of fruit you like, we also like to use kiwi and cantaloupe!) 

-  2 tbsp Honey roasted sunflower seeds (you can use any kind of nut you like but these are so good and small enough for my daughter to be able to eat with no problem)

First start off by washing and preparing your fruit. I cut my grapes in half and slice my strawberries. 

After I have everything prepped I assemble it all together. Truthfully I usually eat this out of a tubberwear container and that's how I prepare it for my husbands lunch but for the sake of this "recipe/tutorial" I wanted to make it look nice and pretty so you could see everything :) And sometimes it's just more fun to make ordinary things extraordinary! 

And voila! After about 5 minutes of prep and assembly time you have a quick, healthy and yummy snack or even dessert!

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